Things A New Parent Really Needs - A Guide

What New Parents Really Need

When you're expecting a new baby, the excitement and joy are often accompanied by a sense of overwhelming responsibility to get everything just right. Selecting the right products for your new arrival isn't just about filling a nursery; it's about making those early days, weeks, and months as smooth as possible for both you and the baby.

For Sleep Time

Quality sleep is crucial for a newborn, which makes choosing the right sleep aids essential.


A comfortable, safe crib

A mattress

Soft, eco-friendly bedding such as our crib sheets

A baby monitor


Nice to have:

A soothing sound machine.

For Breastfeeding Time

One of the beautiful things about breastfeeding is that there really is not anything necessarily needed for breastfeeding, but finding some items that support the journey can make breastfeeding easier and more rewarding for mom and baby…and arguably that makes a ‘nice-to-have’ a ‘need’!


2-3 Nursing bras

Nice to have:

A quality nursing cover


For Bathing Time

Keeping baby clean and healthy is paramount and makes baby more comfortable, thus happier.




Washcloths/burp cloths


Hooded Towels

Tiny nail clippers

Body wash and shampoo all-in-one

Diaper rash cream

Nice to have:

Wipes warmer


For Sick Time

Having a well-stocked first aid kit is essential for dealing with minor ailments.


Baby thermometer

Nasal aspirators (the hospital will likely give you one and they are really good!)

Nice to have:


Baby Tylenol


Getting Dressed Time

Invest in soft, comfortable, and easy-to-change baby clothes.



Footed sleepers

Knotted Hats



Sun hat for summer months

All-in-one warm romper for winter

Nice to have:

Pants & Tops – in the beginning it is just easier to have the one-pieces.

 Space Oh So Soft Muslin Sun Hat - Bebe au Lait

Going Out Time:

From the moment baby goes home from the hospital, to their first outing, they will need a place to lay while being transported around


A stroller that lies flat

A car seat

A diaper bag

A blanket

Nice to have:

A baby carrier

 World Map Oh So Soft Muslin Crib Sheet + Someday Oh So Soft Muslin Changing Pad Cover Set - Bebe au Lait

Play Time:

Babies really only need their family in the very early days. Toys will make their way into their lives eventually – believe me!

All Other Times:


Gentle laundry detergent

Pacifiers (the hospital will give you the type that babies love)

Nice to have:

Diaper pail (very nice to have!)

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is thrilling yet daunting. By choosing the right products, you can alleviate some of the stresses and focus more on the joys of new parenthood. Remember, what new parents really need is support, love, and the peace of mind that comes from having reliable, effective products at their fingertips.

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