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What is the Purpose of a Nursing Cover?
19 years ago, we created the first rigid neckline Nursing Cover. Our patented design, changed breastfeeding for many, many moms...(read more)
What are the benefits of swaddling? Everything You Need to Know About Wrapping Your Baby in Muslin
Swaddling, a traditional practice that has been embraced across cultures for millennia, has proven its timeless worth by providing comfort and security to newborns. By wrapping your baby snugly in a soft blanket, such as muslin, you simulate the warm,...
Newborn Essentials Checklist
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Things A New Parent Really Needs - A Guide
When you're expecting a new baby, the excitement and joy are often accompanied by a sense of more...
Target Baby!
Target is waaaay up there as one of our favorite stores to go to, let alone be a supplier of. I love to spend an hour or so perusing the aisles looking to see what the talented buyers have chosen...