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The Art of Swaddling: Calming Your Newborn with Bebe Au Lait's Swaddles!
Have you ever wondered why swaddling is such a popular practice among parents? Well, let us enlighten you with the art of swaddling and how it can help calm your precious newborn. At Bebe Au Lait, we've got the perfect...
Embrace the Beautiful Chaos: Tips for Surviving the First Few Weeks of Parenthood
Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy! As you begin this incredible journey called parenthood, Bebe Au Lait is here to offer some valuable tips to help you navigate the first few weeks with style and grace....
Chillin' in Style: Bebe au Lait Muslin Snuggle Blanket and Back-to-School Vibes
As the summer sun does its slow fade and the air gets that hint of coolness, or in our neck of the woods, the distinct aroma of garlic wafts by (thanks to Gilroy – Garlic Capital of the World being...
Bebe au Lait Bandana Bibs: Fashionable and Functional Must-Haves for Your Little One
As a parent, you know that mealtime can often be a messy affair for your adorable bundle of joy. However, with Bebe au Lait's Bandana Bibs, you can keep your little one looking stylish while also ensuring their clothes stay...
Embrace the Summer Breeze: Why Bebe au Lait's Muslin Products are Perfect for the Season
  Depending on where you live in the world, summer can bring heat and a lot of it. My own babies (and sometimes my husband) would get grumpy when they were a little too warm. It’s difficult for a baby...
Toddler Tantrums - Effective Strategies for Dealing with them
We all have the capacity for temper tantrums, but what makes us grown-ups is our ability to navigate intense emotions, without making a public spectacle of ourselves.  Toddlers, however, are not bothered by what people around them think of their loud public display of dissatisfaction nor are they even aware of them.
Bebe au Lait Muslin Car Seat Covers: A Stylish and Practical Solution
When I designed our first Muslin Car Seat Cover, it was with my own baby in mind. I wanted a way to protect my little one from the elements. Sun, wind, rain, strangers, germs, even daylight. I wanted a lightweight,...
How to Journal for Self-Care - a Guide for Parents
Self-care has been brought into sharp focus over the last few years. A global pandemic will do that. Desperately trying to get a grip on all the thoughts that surrounded us with nowhere to go and nothing to do. All...
Soothing Sensations: An ode to Bebe au Lait's Teether Blanket.
We spend a good deal of time searching our warehouse for the one remaining swaddle or blankie of a certain style, from a design we stocked a couple of years ago, in the hope of finding a small child’s replacement for their first true love – their beloved blankie.
Breastfeeding with Confidence: A Guide to Choosing the Right Nursing Cover.
Breastfeeding with Confidence: A Guide to Choosing the Right Nursing Cover - Tips and advice for selecting the perfect nursing cover to make breastfeeding in public comfortable and discreet.
How to Take Care of Yourself During Your First Month of Parenthood
It sounds counter-intuitive - give birth, but look after yourself, if you are not happy and sustained, no one else will be.
Bringing Home Baby: Tips for Introducing Your Newborn to Your Furry Best Friend
It's Christmas, and we have a 10-year-old and a 7-year-old, and we have just told them that we will be getting a much-coveted puppy. 
Breastfeeding in Public : The First Weeks
When I began my breastfeeding journey with our 1st daughter, I must admit I was completely underprepared. Experience had taught me that it didn't matter how prepared I was, there was a curve ball waiting for me, so I chose not...
#5 OF #5 - How do I take care of my baby’s umbilical cord?
Here is a general timeline of what the umbilical cord stump might look like and the care it will need during the first four weeks after birth.
#4 OF #5 How to Soothe a Fussy Baby
In part #3 of our series on the 5 most asked questions by new moms, we are talking about how to soothe a fussy baby. Baby is crying. We don’t know why. It might be because they are hungry, scared,...
Fox Tales & Prairie - Behind the Design
Our new Fox Tales and Prairie prints are inspired by my go-to inspiration source – nature. Growing up in England, we regularly had foxes visiting our garden. The preserve of open space near my childhood home meant our garden was...
#3 OF #5 - When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

Training your baby to be a good sleeper is a gift that is lifelong. The effects are far-reaching, so a good start will benefit everyone. 

#1 & #2 OF #5 - How often and for how long should I breastfeed my newborn
Your first baby is the biggest learning curve of your life! Forget your first job or your first year of marriage. Those first few months with a newborn are a real-life ‘learn-by-doing’ experience like no other. In this next series...
Returning to Work After Having a Baby: Tips for Balancing Work and Family Life
New parents, particularly moms face unique challenges when returning to work after maternity leave. This article offers strategies for making the transition smoother
Boost Your Breast Milk Supply with these Nutrient-Rich Foods
Sometimes Mom needs a little extra help producing enough milk to meet her baby's demands. Fortunately, there are certain foods that can help boost your breast milk supply. Let’s take a look at what they are and why they work! 
New Mothers are Choosing Muslin Fabric for Babies
We all want the absolute best for our babies; whether that’s in education, food, or the clothing they wear and the blankets that we wrap them in. One of the easiest and most reliable ways you give your baby the...