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The Art of Swaddling: Calming Your Newborn with Bebe Au Lait's Swaddles!
Have you ever wondered why swaddling is such a popular practice among parents? Well, let us enlighten you with the art of swaddling and how it can help calm your precious newborn. At Bebe Au Lait, we've got the perfect...
What is nesting while pregnant? What does it mean? How do I nest?
Ever wondered why moms-to-be get obsessed with organizing, cleaning, and planning? Is nesting motivated by nurture or nature? And is it a sign that your tiny bundle is about to arrive? Read on to find out more about the sweet maternal phenomenon of ‘nesting.’ Nestle in, mama!
5 Ways to use a Swaddle Blanket
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The 2019 Bump Club and Beyond's Holiday Gift Guide
  We are thrilled to be included in the Bump Club and Beyond's Holiday Gift Guide 2019 with our Baby Hooded Towel and our Super Snuggle Blanket
How to swaddle your baby – tips for the safest swaddle

Swaddling babies is an age-old tradition practiced by many cultures. Swaddling is when you wrap a small baby snugly in a blanket, mimicking the snug, comforting feeling of being in the womb. Although swaddling is widely practiced, improper swaddling can be dangerous.

Not to worry though - we've got all the details about how to swaddle your baby safely!