What to pack in the Hospital Bag

 It’s time! Baby’s arrival is imminent and you’re packing your bags! Whether you like to be prepared and have the bag ready weeks in advance or leave it until the last minute and grab everything on the way out of the door during contractions, what will come in handy is a list of what you will need.

We’ve got you covered!


  • Toiletry Bag for Mom: make-up, hairbrush, toothbrush/paste, shampoo/conditioner, hair ties, etc. 

TIP: Try to get travel-sized everything to cut down on space and weight.

  • Toiletry Bag for Baby: Newborn diapers, unscented wet wipes

TIP: You can use the wet wipes for removing your makeup

Clothing for you:

  • Gown

TIP: The hospital will give you a gown – it will most likely get stained, so it’s best to use theirs and save your money for other expenses

  •  PJ’s/T-shirt you can nurse in

TIP: Make sure the arms are accessible for blood pressure testing too

  •  Slides and fuzzy socks

TIP: This pairing is the most versatile for your needs - your temperature, along with the hospital temperature will go up and down and socks a flip flops don’t work.

  •  Underwear

TIP: That can hold a maxi pad properly-get multiples in breathable cotton, but don’t spend a lot of money – you’ll never what to wear these again!

TIP: You’ll need more than one, as you’ll be living in these for a while

  •  Going home outfit

TIP: something comfortable and makes you feel good (consider the weather)

Clothing for baby:

  • Soft, long-sleeved PJ’s (2 for each day/night stay)

TIP: For baby’s comfort don’t buy anything with details on the back – bows, zippers, etc.

  •  A special outfit for the going-home picture

TIP: It should be warm and comfortable. The pictures won’t be as cute if baby is crying and everyone is stressed out

  • Outerwear

TIP: Consider the season – if you’re cold, baby will be even colder

  • Socks

TIP: only buy the kind that stay put, or you will spend your life trying to find one of them

  •  Hat

TIP: A simple knotted hat can be adjusted in size as baby grows

 Items you will need and want:

TIP: Learn how to swaddle from the pro’s while you are in the hospital

TIP: Get comfortable, a pillow will save your arms, your back, and your sanity

TIP: Get that birth announcement taken care of right away I’m here! / Birth Announcement / Hello World and don’t forget the Posca Pen for indelible writing

TIP: You can never have too many. Trust us. These burp cloths can be used for burping and as a washcloth for years to come.


  • A Pen (you won’t believe the amount of paperwork)
  • A properly installed car seat. Check here for places to get it checked by a professional ahead of time
  • Your smartphone and a charger
  • Birth plan (if you have one)
  • Insurance Card


 C-section mama’s: we cannot recommend highly enough getting some recovery undies to support the area around the scar – they minimize the jiggle of a post-partum belly (which can be painful and very uncomfortable) as well providing compression for the swelling.  If it was an emergency C-section, have your partner go out and buy them before you leave the hospital. They will be your hero.

No experience will ever compare to the arrival of your baby. Try to relax and enjoy as much of the journey as possible. 

 xoxo, Bebe au Lait


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