5 Ways to use a Swaddle Blanket

We love Swaddle Blankets for their versatility – aside from being great for building forts or donning as a superhero cape on a ‘good mom day’, they can be used for so many things! Here are a few suggestions...

1) Swaddle

When baby is new-born, they aren’t used to all this newfound space around them and it can be quite alarming to all of a sudden hit yourself in the face with a limb you can’t control or experience the startle reflex, which, let’s face it, cannot be much fun. A swaddle gives the feeling of safety and security that was present in the womb. It will also help to keep them warm as they learn to regulate their own temperature. Learn how to swaddle correctly in this earlier post.

2) Nursing Cover

While we have several other options for nursing in public available on our website (here, here and here) a swaddle can work well as a nursing cover in a pinch. Simply tuck a corner of the swaddle under a bra strap and drape it over your feeding baby. It won’t be as easy to see baby as it is with a proper nursing cover, but you may feel just as comfortable.

3) Sunshade

Let’s face it, no matter where you live, the weather can change in an instant, going from cloudy to full-sun in a heartbeat. Drape a swaddle over baby’s car seat or stroller to keep them protected from the harmful rays and glare of the sun. An alternative (and a more reliable solution) is our muslin car seat cover

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4) Burp Cloth

One of the original uses of the swaddle blanket is as a burp cloth. Draped over the shoulder of every well-meaning, help-offering relative in order to protect their clothes from the not-so-adorable smell of baby vomit. A swaddle will help immensely, but there’s always our amazing burp cloths to do the job right.

5) A Toddler Lovie

...or blankie, or snuggie, or nu-nu, or whatever nickname your child dubs their all-time favorite snuggle-time blanket. A baby’s lovie is the very essence of baby-dom. Once the swaddle has been used for all manner of things, it is now broken-in enough to take on the elevated status of ‘favorite lovie’. No nap time will ever be the same if blankie is not there (better buy back-ups). Long road trips cannot even be contemplated without packing blankie first and you might find yourself being that parent who posts on social media about a lost blankie, willing to drive across state lines to retrieve it.

The swaddle is the under appreciated rockstar of the diaper bag or Baby List Registry but with unlimited uses and a relatively low price point, the swaddle should be the gift option of choice for that upcoming baby shower.  

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