Why Muslin is the Best Fabric for Car Seat Covers

When it comes to keeping your little one comfortable, you want to use the best possible fabric for their car seat cover. But which is the best? There are a few things you need to consider when making your decision. Continue reading for some tips on choosing the right fabric for your infant car seat cover!

Do you need a car seat cover?

First off, let's discuss the benefits of a baby car seat canopy or cover. Car seat covers make it easy to protect your baby from sun, wind, rain, and even germs. A cold breeze or the bright sun can be uncomfortable for baby and a car seat canopy conveniently shields baby from those irritations.

What is muslin?

Muslin is a lightweight, breathable fabric that's often used in baby products like swaddles, nursing covers, bibs and car seat covers. It's perfect for baby because it's not too heavy and it provides some privacy and protection. Muslin is soft and gentle on baby's skin, making it a great choice for car seat covers. Plus, it's easy to find muslin in a variety of colors and patterns.

Why choose muslin for a car seat cover?

Muslin Baby Car Seat Cover
Muslin creates a lightweight and airy layer that will keep your baby covered without overheating. You can easily keep sun, wind, and germs at bay with a light and airy protective layer between the world and your new little one. Bebe au Lait’s muslin car seat covers feature an easy-snap straps and an elasticized bottom for a secure fit while providing a zippered opening for sneak peek convenience.

It's easy to see the best way to keep your baby cool and covered is with a car seat canopy. The breathable, open-weave cotton is designed to create a light and airy layer between baby and the outside world. If you use a Bebe au Lait car seat cover, the zippered opening lets little ones peek out when awake or stay covered when asleep: a must-have product for parents on-the-go. Additionally, our car seat covers are simple to install with easy-snap straps and an elasticized bottom that will fit most car seats. Did we mention it’s machine-washable!

If you’re in the market for a car seat cover, we highly recommend opting for a muslin cover. Muslin is lightweight and breathable, making it perfectly soft, which will keep your little one comfortable even on hot days.

Be sure to check out our collection of muslin car seat covers, available in many different colors and designs.

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