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Made from the hevea brasiliensis tree, these one-piece, intuitively-shaped pacis are sustainably produced and totally biodegradable.
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Target Baby!

Target is waaaay up there as one of our favorite stores to go to, let alone be a supplier of.

I love to spend an hour or so perusing the aisles looking to see what the talented buyers have chosen to put in the store. They have a great eye, always keeping it fresh and always making me spend more than I intended to!  But when I get home and revisit what I bought, I’m always happy and the price point is so good!

One thing that I love about Target is that it is a one-stop-shop. I can pick up groceries, furniture, and makeup all in the same place. What parent doesn’t love that? Taking a baby or, god-forbid, a toddler in-and-out of a car seat and then a shopping cart-multiple times, is to be avoided at all costs!! You could say that Target is accessible in price and in convenience!

Our products Bebe au Lait Pure & Simple can be found in Target stores and online. Making it easy for Mom or Dad to choose how they want to shop.

Our 5-in-1 covers can be picked up in-store and then used every time you go to Target! They are perfect for covering up germy shopping cart handles or even when baby is really little-keeping them in a germ-free cocoon in their car seat! You can even add our products to your baby registry!

Moms love our 5-in-1 covers for Target because they are so versatile – wear as a scarf, as a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, a car seat cover, and also as a front carrier cover!

Check out our selection in a Target near you or online! 

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