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Happy Bosses Day from our in-house #MomBoss

Written by Afterpay Integration


Posted on October 16 2019

Happy Bosses Day from our in-house #Momboss

It all started with a single nursing cover. I chose the fabric at the fabric store. I toted my kids around the store with me, while they fussed because it took too long. Why is it the line at the fabric store is always SO long??

Within a few weeks it was too much for me to keep up with the sewing alone. People had begun asking where they could get a nursing cover like mine and we had had gotten some press in Daily Candy (which was HUGE back then) and Pregnancy & New born magazine. So, Ronnie went out and found us a seamstress and we took care of the quality control, the packaging and everything else. If in those first months, you got a package with a red ‘FRAGILE’ stamp on it – that was our two little girls’ first job in the family business. They didn’t know that it was an irrelevant task – fragile cotton covers?? But they felt important and it kept them busy long enough for us to pack, ship, design, invoice…

How we got started

We packaged every single one and kissed it goodbye as it went off to its new home and we were so proud. We worked all day, stayed up through the night into the wee hours, listening to Delilah on the radio. We got a couple of hours sleep and then started all over again. 15 years later, it’s a different kind of hard. But it’s still fun, and inspiring and challenging and exciting.


Today, we make so much more than nursing covers; nursing pillows, hooded towels, blankets, sleepers, teethers, play mats and so much more. We have exciting new products in the pipeline that we can’t wait to show you and we can’t imagine doing anything else. We have a talented team that helps us realize our dreams every day and they dream right along with us!


Babies don’t stay little for long. Our two babies are now a junior in high school and a freshman in college. We added one more to our family who is now a 2 grader and she has added her own ‘fragile’ stamp to the family business – she’s a pro at sticker placement – you might have seen her some of her work?

Round Play Mats

Having a family, we still get to use some of the products we design. My personal favorite is the wet dry bag. I use both sizes. My life is organized in them – the center console in my car has a ‘petit’ for read-along-book CD’s and a ‘grand’ for all those things you need in your center console, like Chapstick, Band-Aids, hair-ties etc. I use them as a make-up bag- they are so easy to wash so when one gets a little grubby I wash it and grab another – I’ve never had an easier make up bag! When we travel they are great for bathing suits, underwear, all the cables and plugs for devices and because they have a pattern, it’s easy to remember which bag you put things in.

Ronnie’s favorite product is the Round Play Mat. They get a LOT of use in our house. The dog thinks they are his. We put one down and along comes Tiger and plops himself in the middle.

Our youngest loves to play with Lego on the flip side of them – that way she can see all the pieces. When she is done, she makes a funnel of the play mat and tips all the Lego back into the box. Super easy. We’ve even put one under the Christmas tree as décor one year!



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