What’s a Hooter Hider?

Bebe Au Lait is an international brand that millions of moms know and trust. But before Bebe Au Lait there was… Hooter Hiders! What’s a Hooter Hider? Well, it’s part of the Bebe Au Lait history! Our company started out like so many iconic companies do – with one innovative person who needed a great solution for a problem.

 What's a Hooter Hider? Our #1 best selling nursing cover

Meet Claire, our founder and inventor of our #1 best selling Nursing Cover – formerly known as a Hooter Hider! Claire is the creative vision behind the brand you know and love as Bebe Au Lait.

Here’s the story of Hooter Hiders in her own words!

 “I made my first nursing cover back in 2003 because I needed something that would help me nurse in public with confidence. I was a new mom to my second baby girl and still getting the hang of breastfeeding again, so I needed something that would let me see my baby and easily monitor her latch. Breastfeeding was difficult enough without the extra stress of feeling self-conscious while trying to get my Baby to latch or feeling exposed when adjusting to my new post-partum body.

 I didn’t want to invest money in lots of breastfeeding tops that I knew I would only use for a short time, but I wanted something that looked cute. There wasn’t anything on the market that really fit my personal style. Looking back, I never dreamed that first nursing cover would be the foundation of our company. I am lucky that I get to share my passion for fashion & function with other moms who are looking for solutions to the same problem I experienced.

 Today, thanks to the support of parents like you, we are honored to be part of daily life for families worldwide. We work hard to bring you high quality, safe and on-trend products, and hope that you will enjoy them for years to come. Thank you for your trust and continued support. It means the world to us! – Claire “

What's a Hooter Hider? Our #1 best selling nursing cover.

 Over a decade later, a lot has changed. Claire and her husband, Ronnie now have 3 beautiful daughters – and Hooter Hiders has grown up to be Bebe Au Lait. After the success Claire and Ronnie had selling the original Nursing Cover, they expanded the company to become the internationally know brand it is today. With new product offerings for mom and baby, Hooter Hiders didn’t quite “cover” what the brand had to offer – so Bebe Au Lait was born!

What's a Hooter Hider? Our #1 best selling nursing cover!

 We still make our original, high quality Nursing Cover – in a variety of modern and trendy prints to suit every mom.

 Now we also offer a variety of premium products for nursing mothers, such as our modern Nursing Scarves, 100% cotton Burp Cloths, padded, adjustable Nursing Pillows – and more!

Not just for nursing moms anymore, Bebe Au Lait is well know for our beautiful, high quality muslin baby products as well. Our baby products, such as swaddle blankets, car seat covers, crib sheets, snuggle blankets, and more come in a large variety of designer prints to suit every nursery style.

 Bebe Au Lait - premium muslin products for nursing moms and babies

As part of our heritage, we’re constantly innovating to bring families the most current, high quality offerings on the market. We’re proud to serve our communities of moms and babies – and we’re so happy to welcome you to the family too!

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