The end of an era - Goodbye, Toys R Us

"I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid"- how much nostalgia does that jingle bring up for all of us? With Toys R Us officially closing it's doors today, it's the end of an era - and we're not going to lie, we're having some feels about it here at the Bebe Au Lait HQ!

These days, kids have unprecedented access to toys - YouTube unboxing, Amazon, and expanded toy aisles at Target and Wal Mart mean that kids can see an ever-expanding variety of brand new dolls, trucks, stuffed animals, action figures and more. 

But when most of us parents were growing up, all we had was Toys R Us - and it was so magical! I fondly remember my grandparents taking us once a year as a special treat. We were allowed to pick out one toy - anything we wanted! Just being surrounded by so many toys was like being in fantasy land for a kid in the 80's and 90's. 

Goodbye, Toys R Us - the end of an era - Toys R Us closes

The closing of Toys R Us has sparked so many conversations - almost everyone has a fond memory to share. One of my friends reminisced about about how her children had the route to the local Toys R Us memorized from the age of 3, and another friend shared about how they stood in line for the Spice Girls dolls at 6 am! From getting video games for the Atari (wow, we're old!) to picking up board games for family night, generations of Americans have a special place in their hearts for this iconic retailer.

Bebe Au Lait has been so proud to be a part of the Toys R Us legacy - nursing moms have been able to rely on finding our premium nursing covers and nursing scarves at Babies R Us locations around the country. 

Bebe Au Lait Haven nursing cover

Not to worry, however - our best selling nursing products, as well as our line of beautiful muslin baby blankets, swaddles, crib sheets, sleepers and more are all carried right here on our online store! 

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Even though this is a bittersweet goodby to Toys R Us - just remember that you'll have so many opportunities to create cherished memories with your own family - although they won't be centered around this haven of childhood, they will be equally meaningful and nostalgic! 

So long, Toys R Us - even though we're grown up now, we're still Toys R Us kids. 


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