Bebe au Lait - Life with Littles

Now that we are a few weeks into quarantine, most of us have figured out something, even if it’s just one thing, that is saving our sanity. Though we don’t know what the future holds, and while we have worries about all manner of uncertainties, there might be times (even if it’s just for a fleeting moment) when we feel we have got this thing figured out. Right? Read more...
How to Hold A Virtual Baby Shower During Social Distancing and Sheltering in Place:
Your Baby Shower, a time when close relatives and friends gather to celebrate the impending arrival of your bundle of joy! Except, no one can go anywhere and there is certainly no gathering allowed!  Let’s consider new options. Read on...
Identifying Coping Mechanisms During the COVID-19 Outbreak
These are stressful days, there’s no doubt about that. We have literally no idea how long the quarantine will last, and what the effects will be on or lives – both short term and long more