Muslin - the official fabric of summer!

If you’ve been shopping for your baby registry, you’ve probably seen a lot of buzz about muslin. You might be wondering “what is muslin?” – and you have come to the right place! Bebe au Lait is located in California, so we’re no stranger to keeping cool on hot days and nights. We’re experts in muslin baby products and we’re excited to tell you all about it.


What makes muslin different from regular cotton fabric?

muslin - the official fabric of summer

Muslin is a cotton fabric with an open, plain weave. The weave is looser than regular cotton, which gives the fabric great softness, movement and flexibility. It’s also known for excellent breathability and absorption.


Perfect for a safe sleep

One of the greatest, and most well-known, things about muslin is its breathability. When Baby is swaddled closely in muslin, she’ll stay warm and cozy but her body heat won’t get trapped which is important to avoid overheating. Baby will be happy because she is sleeping soundly, and you’ll have some peace of mind knowing that she’s safe in her muslin bundle.


Great for On-the-Go

If you love to take Baby places in her stroller and car seat, you’re probably no stranger to the delicate dance between keeping Baby covered from the elements, while making sure there’s proper air flow. That’s why muslin is perfect for summer strolls and trips in the car seat! That open weave of muslin allows for great air flow, so you don’t have to stress out about the temperature under the cover.


Super for Spit-up

Muslin fabric makes a great burp cloth. It has a slight texture and excellent wicking qualities, which means moisture soaks up right away!


Classic Muslin & Oh-So-Soft Muslin

If you’ve been shopping on our website, you’ve seen our great selection of muslin. Have you noticed that some items are “Classic Muslin” and some are “Oh-So-Soft Muslin?” Classic Muslin is our traditional muslin made from 100% cotton. It’s a great fabric for Baby and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our customers that our cotton is even softer than others!


We’ve taken muslin a step further with our Oh-So-Soft Luxury Muslin, made from a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. This blend gives the unique softness of bamboo fiber, while retaining the strength of cotton muslin. It really is ‘oh so soft!’


What is your favorite muslin item? Do you love the classic or Oh-So-Soft blend? Comment below to share your advice with us and moms everywhere!

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