Do you have a slacker boob?

When you’re breastfeeding, do you feel like one side produces WAY more milk than the other side?

 If your breast milk production is really uneven, you might have a slacker boob!

do you have a slacker boob

What’s a slacker boob? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like… one boob is doing all the work, and the other one is slacking off!


First of all, don’t worry too much - it’s natural to have some variation in milk production. But having one side that’s working double time isn’t ideal - for you or baby.

 How does a slacker boob happen?

Well, milk production is based on supply and demand. You might have a side that gets fed on more - say you always start on the right side, because that’s your dominant arm. The baby gets full before you switch to the left, so she doesn’t drink as much milk. So your body thinks that it just doesn’t need to produce as much on that side.

 There could be other reasons why your milk production is so much higher on one side - sometimes babies just prefer nursing on one side to the other!

 Not to worry though - you can use some easy techniques to even out your milk production.

 You can start nursing on the weaker side first - when the baby is hungrier. Only switch baby to the other side when they are almost done. You can also switch back and forth, but nurse on the weak side longer and more often.

 Another way to help boost the milk production in your slacker boob is to pump while the baby feeds on the other side. You can keep it simple and use a hand pump, like this Haakaa pump.

 You can also pump the slacker boob right after feeding.

 It’s also helpful to make sure you are on a consistent nursing schedule - even if you have to wake up the baby. (I know, no one wants that!) Nursing regularly will signal the demand to your body, and help up your supply. If you’re at work during the day, than pump at regular intervals.

 If baby has a side preference and doesn’t want to latch onto the weak side, try to feed when he’s getting sleepy so he will be less fussy about it. You can also use compression with your hand to make the milk flow more forcefully.

 Keeping a good schedule and making sure you are using the slacker boob often should help even out your production in a few days to a week. Be patient and don’t get frustrated - everyone’s body is different! Consistency is the key.

If you’re experiencing a lot of problems breastfeeding or your production just won’t even out, you should schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant for more personalized help.

Have you experienced a slacker boob? What techniques did you use to help even out your production? Let us know in comments!

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