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Car seat covers – cool and comfortable on the go

Written by Bebe au Lait Accounting


Posted on July 02 2018

Car seats are indispensable when you have small babies. You can go from car to stroller, and stroller to restaurant. Baby is safe and secure – and if she falls asleep, you can move her without waking her!

 Now that summer is here, we’re all spending more time outdoors in the gorgeous weather! From parks and parades to outdoor shopping malls, there’s so many more opportunities to get out in the sun. Keeping the harsh rays off of baby’s delicate skin is a big priority – and that’s where a car seat cover comes in handy.

Keep baby cool and covered this summer with our 100% cotton car seat covers!

 We always recommend using sunscreen on your little ones when you’re going to be outside, but that won’t keep baby cool and out of the hot sun. Car seat canopies are an option, but they tend to have a loose bottom that can flap free in a breeze, upsetting baby if she’s napping. That’s why we’ve designed our car seat covers to have a secure, elasticized bottom that stays in place.

 Our car seat covers are made of breathable, open weave cotton that’s designed to keep a light and airy layer between baby and the outside world. The zippered opening goes from top to bottom, and it allows little ones to peek out when away or stay covered when asleep. It’s a must have product for parents on the go!

 They are simple to attach to any car seat, and they come in a range of adorable prints!

Bebe Au Lait's car seat covers are made of 100% cotton muslin to keep baby cool and covered


 - Breathable, open-weave cotton is designed to create a 360° wrap of cool

comfort for baby

- Elasticized bottom keeps car sear cover in place

- Simple to install with easy-snap straps

- Will fit most infant car seats and is machine washable

- Fully opening zipper allows for easy access to baby

- The cover can be held open with snaps around the back side of the car seat

 <img src="//" alt="Bebe Au Lait's car seat covers are made of 100% cotton muslin to keep baby cool and covered" />

So if you’re planning a beach vacation, summer BBQ, or you’re just a busy mom on the go, make sure you and baby are cool and covered this summer with our car seat covers! Know someone who's expecting? A car seat cover is the perfect, practical gift that will get lots of use. 

Bebe Au Lait's car seat covers are made of 100% cotton muslin to keep baby cool and covered



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