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Written by Bebe au Lait Marketing


Posted on May 03 2020

It’s getting old, isn’t it? - staying at home? It has been a few weeks now, and we are a little nostalgic about the way our lives used to be. From missing our weekend social dates, to even reminiscing about our workplace. Oh, how I miss my big second-screen and a large desk that isn’t the kitchen table. I could leave it in disarray-not having to clean it up for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner-what a luxury! This quarantine has made us appreciate what we previously considered basic. So, we’ve pooled together some ideas at Bebe au Lait to keep things from getting even more mundane than they need to be. Here are the top ways we are keeping ourselves and our families active during this trying time. 


The weather is starting to turn for the better and summer is fast approaching, so it’s the perfect time to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, absorb a little vitamin D and be productive while we are at it. We are educating our younger ones about weed-pulling, planting a small garden (tomatoes are undeniably the easiest and can double as a science lesson at that same time, win-win!). If you don’t have a yard, perhaps a window box will work to grow herbs? Here are the English peas we planted. I’ve wanted to plant them for YEARS, but never found the time. It was one of the first things we did and they are making great progress – so exciting!


Take advantage of the bounty of online exercise classes. A quick google search will show you a plethora of free classes – Instagram has many, many influencers that put out great content in this area. We love @caraloren on Instagram and @fatherly has some great ideas about exercising together as a family. CBS News also put together a list of places that are not currently charging for online fitness classes.

Just know your limits and choose the exercises accordingly. 


One thing that I absolutely love about this time is the number of families walking in our neighborhood. From morning walks to afternoon hikes, to after-dinner strolls – people are out as families, enjoying each other’s company. We have seen dogs that are usually with a dog walker out with their actual parents – wait, what? Who are these people? They probably didn’t have time before, but now with the lovely lack of a long commute or rushing to after-school commitments, there are naturally more hours in the day. Our dog has definitely lost some weight during this period! 

What ways are you staying active during your time -aside from when doing laundry, cleaning up after 15 meals a day, and planning your next visit to the grocery store? We’d love to hear from you!



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