10 Ways to Tell Your Husband Or Partner You Are Pregnant!

You are going to have a tiny bundle of joy-yes, let that surreal thought settle in. And we tell you mama-to-be, you are about to enter the most life-changing experience. From your usual routine being turned on its head to your living spaces looking like maybe 10 babies moved in, to those infamous sleepless nights and never-ending diaper changes. Yes, it will be tiring but also the most incredible journey.

I’m not very good at keeping exciting news to myself. When I was expecting each of our babies, my husband was right there with me as I took the pregnancy tests. I wanted him to be a part of it all - right from finding out if that little line was going to show up or not! Some people though, have a lot more patience than I do and have figured out some very creative ways of saying ‘We’re having a baby!’  

Here are some ideas to reveal your pregnancy news to your husband:

Break the News with Morning Coffee

Get a ‘Best Dad in the World’ mug for your husband’s morning brew and see how long it takes for him to realize – it might take him longer if he just woke up!

Add to his T-shirt Collection 

Buy a ‘Top Dad’ or ‘daddy-to-be’ fun t-shirt and put it on the top of his t-shirt pile.

Enlist the other kids

 If you already have kids, get t-shirts for the siblings like ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Big Sister’ and have them wear those t-shirts and let Daddy figure out the riddle.

Use a Baby Milestone

Pop his morning coffee or evening cocktail on top of one of our Baby Milestone – you’ll get to use them again later when baby arrives!

If you just found out, this one works We’re having a baby!

If you’re 2 months along this one works 2 Months!

If baby will have older siblings, this one works Big Brother or Big Sister. Simply hand it to the sibling to hand to Dad! 

Wrap up a gift 

Such as a ‘The Baby Owners Manual’ or ‘What to Expect When You’re Wife is Expanding’ and watch his face as he comprehends the ‘why ‘of that gift! 

Step it up! 

If you have steps leading into your house, write in chalk on each step:

Step 1: ‘You’re’

Step 2: ‘going’

Step 3: ‘to be’

Step 4: ‘a Daddy!’

Be on the other side of the door waiting for him with the test in hand!

Make a night of it:

Choose a movie theme: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Serve Dinner: Mac & Cheese (gourmet edition)

And finally serve drinks: Ask him to open up a bottle of wine – that you have added your own label to!

Write it up! 

Got a bathroom mirror? Write in your best red lipstick ‘Good Morning Daddy!’

Dad Jokes

Buy a book of Dad jokes and tell him he’s going to have to start practicing!

Baby on Board! 

Put a ‘Baby on Board’ sticker in his car window – he might just run back in the house when he sees that one!

Have you thought of fun or memorable ways to tell your partner they are going to be a daddy/mommy?





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