Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Giveaway time!

Breastfeeding Awareness Giveaway

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month is going strong! We've created a network of brands that are committed to supporting you in your feeding experience, and we can't wait to share these amazing prizes with you!

Here's the prize:


@bebeaulait - $150 gift certificate

@pujbaby - $50 gift certificate

@lovedbyhannahandedli - Mama Bear Retro Tee

@bellybandit - Bandita Nursing Bra

@mrspatels Artisan Lactation Treats & Teas - $50 gift certificate


Here's how to win:

Just enter with the official giveaway portal below! Be sure to follow all the brands on IG!

Good luck!  

Breastfeeding Awareness Month