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These are your monkeys, and this is your circus!

Posted on April 25 2018

Have you ever had a moment - maybe at work, maybe in your friend group or family gathering - where things seem chaotic? People are rushing around, there’s some kind of drama, no one seems to know what’s going on. Maybe this old saying popped into your head - “Not my circus, not my monkeys!” (Fun fact, that’s a translation from a Polish proverb!) This basically means that you are not responsible for the situation… and you can walk away, guilt free.

Bebe au Lait - circus and big tops - these are my monkeys

If you’re a mom, I’m sure you’ve experienced the chaos of your kids - babies crying on the airplane, toddlers running around with no clothes on… siblings bickering.


In those moments, you realized that there’s NO WAY you can disengage from this drama - these are your monkeys, and this is your circus! You are 100% responsible for this situation!


Now, it can be hard to keep your cool, calm mom status when you feel like you’re caught in a kid-tornado. And let’s be honest, there are going to be some break down moments where you lock yourself in the bathroom just to get a breather! I know when my sons were small, life was pretty hectic.

Bebe Au Lait - Big Tops bandana bib

But think of it this way - monkey see, monkey do! You’re the ringleader of this little circus, and everyone is looking to you for guidance. Remember that when it seems like everything is going wrong, those are the most teachable moments for your little ones. Lean in, instead of leaning out! Cheerios all over the floor? Teach them how to clean up after themselves. Baby won’t stop crying? Teach big brother or big sister about patience and compassion. Let yourself find the best out of each situation.


After all - the circus may be noisy and chaotic - but it’s so much FUN!

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Bebe Au Lait - Circus and Big Tops collection

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