New! 5-in-1 Nursing Cover by Bebe au Lait

The ultimate, versatile item that will stay in the diaper bag long after baby is done nursing.

Bebe au Lait has released the newest addition to our flagship line of best-selling Nursing Covers, the ‘5-in-1.’ With five functions in one single product, these covers are the ultimate versatile accessory for Mom. The 5-in-1 Cover is available in three on-trend prints, Knightbridge, Buffalo Check and Esperanza. The new 5-in-1 cover is available to consumers in June 2018 through retailers nationwide and online at

At Bebe au Lait, we find solutions for the growing needs of moms on-the-go. Today’s modern mom is resourceful and needs maximized value in every purchase. If she invests in a product, she needs it to be an all-encompassing multi-use addition to her parenting toolkit. These 5-in-1 Covers offer the ultimate versatility that make this an addition to the diaper bag that will last long after baby is done nursing.

The new 5-in-1 Cover by Bebe au Lait

Nursing cover

Supporting moms in their breastfeeding journey is our specialty. This cover allows casual privacy for on-the-spot breastfeeding in public. The cover drapes loosely around the body for a comfortable fit with plenty of room for Baby. Snaps secure Mom’s top, to keep it in place and hassle-free.


The 5-in-1 can be worn as a cute infinity scarf, and quickly converts to a nursing scarf or cover. Soft jersey fabric in fashionable prints makes a lightweight accessory with snap ties to add even more style, that can be incorporated into your wardrobe long after you’re done nursing.

Car Seat Cover

The jersey knit stretches with ease for a snug fit over the car seat. The car seat cover protects Baby from the elements, and helps minimize loud noises and distractions that might disturb a sleeping baby. Mom still has full handle access, so the car seat can be carried in the usual way. 

Carrier Cover

The 5-in-1 cover fits snugly over a baby carrier to keep Baby and Mom cozy. Simply, pull the carrier up as a hood to protect Baby’s head from the wind or sun, minimizing the amount of fussing with a hat that keeps falling off.

Shopping Cart Cover

Give Baby a clean seat and no longer worry about your teething baby picking up germs from a dirty shopping cart handle. The soft cover makes the cold, hard seat more comfortable for Baby and prolongs your pleasant shopping experience. 

Blogger Romelia @lifethroughmamaeyes loves the 5-in-1 Cover


About Bebe au Lait

Bebe au Lait was founded in 2004 by Claire and Ronnie Ekelund, when products available for mom and baby weren’t as well-designed, as high quality or as safe as we thought they should be.

We began with inventing and patenting the first stylish and functional nursing cover that allows mom to bond with baby while breastfeeding, wherever she happens to be. More than 14 years later Bebe au Lait continues to design products for that fit seamlessly into the lives of the on-the-go modern family.

Our product line has expanded to a catalog that offers an array of products that serve all stages of parenting, from pregnancy to pre-school. Bebe au Lait creates beautiful, high-quality products that make parenting a little easier and a lot more stylish. We empower parents by providing premium products they can count on to be safe, functional, fashionable and long lasting. Our combination of high quality and style makes our products the favorite of modern families worldwide.


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