3 Secrets for Unique Monthly Baby Photo Shoots

You want to document every single moment with your newborn baby. From their first laugh to their first crawl to the first time they try a new food, you want to have a photo or video to look back on.

It’s no secret that time goes quickly, especially during the first year of your baby’s life. One of the best ways to document and remember this first year is through monthly baby photo shoots.

Perfect for creating albums and posting on social media, new moms are hopping on this trend and sharing monthly milestone photos of their beloved babies.

We’re letting you in on three important secrets to capture the perfect moments to ensure you're taking the most unique and memorable photo.

How to Take Baby Milestone Photos

As your baby grows older by the month, it’s your sign to prep for their monthly milestone photo shoot.

To get the best photos that are easily comparable to see how much your baby has changed over the year, we suggest using the same background for each photo if possible. Choose a comfy muslin baby blanket and lay your baby on it.

Taking photos from the same angle each month will make it even easier to compare them at the end of the year.

Document the Time with Baby Photo Props

While your background blanket may stay the same, remember the time of the year better with baby photo props! Dress your baby for the occasion, whether he or she sports a swimsuit in the summer or a Halloween costume in October. Have fun with the props!

One of our favorite baby photo props are simple, etched wooden discs to document your baby’s monthly age or the occasion. Perfect for monthly milestone baby photos for both boys and girls, it’s a unique and stylish way to commemorate your baby’s development.

Take More Than Just Monthly Milestone Photos

Your baby will experience more milestones in their first year than just turning another month older. From first birthdays to first major holidays to first vacations, you’ll want to create a milestone moment for each new experience.

These milestones are the perfect opportunity to include fun and entertaining baby photo props to better remember the moment. You can set the scene with decorations for a holiday or have custom signs or discs stating the holiday or occasion.

Get the Perfect Monthly Milestone Photo of Your Baby Every Time

Your phone will soon be full of photos featuring your newborn throughout the first year. With each month that they develop, be sure to document it with a monthly milestone photo sporting a handcrafted milestone moment wooden disc from Bebe Au Lait.



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