A baby is born, an idea is born...Attending public events while nursing a new baby proved to be a hassle. Entertaining friends and family members was not how it used to be. Breastfeeding in public always seemed to lead to the dreaded tug-o-war between baby and blanket, usually ending with one's modesty compromised. Tired of having to leave the room in order to feed Baby in privacy...

The Next Step...Nursing covers on the market at that time were clinical, unsightly, impractical and, moreover, hard to find. After some time spent searching it was decided -- this could be done better and Hooter Hiders was born. Hooter Hiders - after the original prototype was dubbed so by a male friend (of course) - was and still is a simple blend of beautiful fabrics thoughtfully chosen with chic moms in mind. The all-important patent-pending rigid neckline allows Mom to see Baby and Baby to see Mom. As soon as Hooter Hiders hit the market, they were a sensation. Gaining publicity and fame almost overnight, Hooter Hiders were in demand!

The Evolution...Hooter Hiders was our baby, but we wanted her to grow up into a chic company and she needed a name to fit her style - Bebe au Lait. Our already loyal following asked us -- no, begged us (and continue today!) -- to keep the name Hooter Hiders; "It will always be the Hooter Hiders to us!" they say. Therefore, we decided to offer the same product with two different logos -- Hooter Hiders for tongue-in-cheek and Bebe au Lait for mama chic.

The Owners...Bebe au Lait & Hooter Hiders is owned and operated by Claire and Ronnie Ekelund. Claire is a native of England and Ronnie is from Denmark. It was Ronnie's international pro soccer career that brought them to the U.S. and, with their two wonderful little girls, they call the beautiful town of Los Gatos in Northern California "Home."

Breastfeeding is something to be proud of. For those of us who are not so comfortable breastfeeding in public, Bebe au Lait has got you covered -- in style.

Bebe au Lait and Hooter Hiders nursing covers can be found in upscale maternity and baby boutiques all across the U.S and the rest of the world.