Mission Statement

At Bébé au Lait, our passion is to create and innovate the most beautiful and functional parenting products in the world. We are committed to releasing only those of the highest quality and pride ourselves on providing extraordinary customer service.


Safety is paramount. Our products are tested to ensure that they surpass all safety requirements and regulations. We frequently monitor our products using customer feedback and make improvements based on your recommendations. We truly want our customers to be thrilled with their Bébé au Lait products. At every stage – design, production, packaging, and customer service – we have you in mind.

Who We Are

We’re a creative, innovative bunch who delight in bringing useful, unique, and beautiful products into the world. Every day we come to work to make your every day as a parent easier.

Patents and Guarantees

Only Bébé au Lait and Hooter Hider nursing covers utilize patented Rigiflex™ technology with safety features. Rigiflex™ technology promotes ventilation and optimal viewing of baby beneath our nursing covers. This way mom and baby can share eye contact and bond during breastfeeding all while maintaining comfort and privacy. Our Rigiflex™ neckline has safety features built into the neckline to promote product longevity by preventing fabric wear and tear.