Our Culture
Bebe au Lait's Culture

We at Bébé au Lait believe in more than just creating the most beautiful and functional parenting products. We are committed to our common mother, Earth. We strive to recognize our individual and collective impact on the planet and make conscious efforts to behave responsibly in order to lessen our environmental footprint. By taking "Bebe Steps" to minimize our impact and better our world, we hope to inspire others to act on behalf of future generations. We continually review our own business practices in order to make this an attainable goal.

A few of our "Bebe Steps":

  • We package our products using recycled and recyclable materials
  • We recycle all cardboard and paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans
  • Our kitchen is stocked with silverware, ceramic dinnerware and coffee mugs
  • Lights are switched on only when necessary
  • We enjoy carpooling and riding bikes to work