Rigiflex is our patented neckline technology. Click on the icons to learn more about what makes Bébé au Lait nursing covers the best available!

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Patented Rigiflex Neckline

Bébé au Lait has developed and patented the Rigiflex neckline system which features flexible material that holds the nursing cover away from mom and baby. This allows airflow and all-important eye contact for focused bonding between mother and child.

But what makes Rigiflex necklines really unique is what you don’t see: the technology used to create the neckline has important safety features built-in that prevent fabric wear and tear. This means that wash after wash, you can trust that your nursing cover meets impeccable safety and product quality standards.

Neckline allows direct eye contact for bonding, plus easy airflow means comfort.

Flexible neckline will hold its shape wash after wash.

Patented design prevents fabric wear.

Never Miss a Moment

Never Miss a Moment

From Sunday brunch with the girls to after school soccer games. At intimate family gatherings, downtown, the park, the mall, the beach, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, Bébé au Lait has got you covered.

nurse anywhere, no need to stay home
nurse anywhere, no need to stay home
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Your Cover, Your Style

Sophisticated, stylish, modern and fun. With over 30 designer patterns to choose from, Bébé au Lait makes it easy to match your style. Find the pattern that speaks to you.

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Safety Compliance

Safety is our #1 priority at Bébé au Lait. We are dedicated to creating only the safest and highest-quality products for you and your little ones. While many manufacturers adhere only to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), we go the extra mile and extend our testing to comply with additional and more stringent international standards. Bébé au Lait products are tested by certified third-party laboratories. Know in choosing Bébé au Lait, you are choosing safety and quality.

Safety and Compliance
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One Size Truly Fits All (Really, We Mean It!)

At Bébé au Lait, we’re parents ourselves, so we know that fit is just as important as fashion. That’s why we’ve designed our nursing covers to fit all moms.

Designed for comfort, a contoured neck strap makes it easy for mom to find the perfect length. A custom metal D-ring holds the neck strap in place for future nursing sessions; adjust once, and you're done. Seamless, smooth and durable, we're so proud of our D-rings that we've even stamped our name on them.

From the size to the shape of our nursing covers, we've designed them so even the most modest of moms will feel comfortable nursing in public. At approximately 26" long and 36" wide, our nursing covers are generously-sized; you can even tuck the corners under your arms for extra coverage.


This Mom’s Got It All

Bébé au Lait nursing covers are equipped with two handy internal pockets; perfect for storing mommy essentials. The pockets are made of 100% cotton terry, so they can also be used for small clean-ups after feeding.

With diaper bag space so precious, moms love products that are multi-functional; and our nursing covers are. Get even more use out of your Bébé au Lait by using as a sunshade over a stroller or front-carrier.

They are also perfect to use as a light blanket in warmer months.

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Easy, Breezy, Airy, Flowy

Our nursing covers are made of 100% breathable cotton, and provide mom with full coverage while promoting airflow to keep mom and baby comfortable.

They are also machine-washable, and fold up easily to take with you on-the-go.

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Word on the Street

Moms all over the world are singing our praises. We’re proud of the recognition we’ve received through awards, fan mail and parenting and style magazines.


Bébé au Lait has been the recipient of numerous industry and parenting awards, from the 2012 Cribsie Award for "Prettiest Nursing Cover" to earning the New Parents Guide's "Seal of Approval".


I am a BIG fan of Bébé Au Lait nursing covers! I never left home without mine for a year of nursing my 2-year old and I recommend them to ALL of my pregnant/nursing friends. What a great invention! - A.P.

You have an amazing product and I recommend your site to many people. It's great to know that you have amazing customer service as well. - K.H.

I am currently nursing my third child and the Bébé au Lait has been my greatest discovery. Every nursing mom needs it! - Jill

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